The ProTech Steam Trap Replacement Device

Protech1 og w captionTraditional steam traps rely on a opening and closing cycle to allow condensate to pass but prevent steam from doing so as well. They are purposely oversized for the intended applications so that they may be sold with little, if any, technical or application support required. It is not uncommon for a trap to have a capacity for hundreds of pounds of condensate per hour when the actual load is only a few pounds per hour.  When a traditional trap begins leaking steam or fails open, the energy loss is significant.  Our approach is to provide technical support and evaluate the intended application thus allowing us to design a trap to meet its specific requirements.

Proficient Technologies, Inc. has taken the best elements of orifice technology and modern engineering principles to design a more efficient (U.S. Dept. of Energy Study) and reliable steam trap that requires much less maintenance than others on the market. Once installed the potential for a leaking or failed open trap, and corresponding energy loss, is eliminated.

The ProTech saves you money because it:

  • CANNOT FAIL IN THE OPEN POSITION, thus preventing energy waste and protecting your system.
  • Restores condensate back pressure and temperature to design levels
  • Eliminates water hammer
  • Doesn’t back up condensate before discharging, therefore:
    • reducing the formation of carbonic acid and resulting pipe deterioration
    • maximizing heat transfer surface area which increases equipment productivity
  • Automatically vents air and non-condensables
  • Freeze protected

P-T InstallationThe ProTech Steam Trap Replacement Device (cut sheet) cannot fail in the open position because there are no moving parts to wear or fail so, unlike other steam traps, ITS EFFICIENCY DOES NOT DETERIORATE WITH TIME. Other important features:

  • The nozzle is specifically engineered for the application.
  • The nozzle can be removed, inspected, cleaned, and replaced without disconnecting the steam trap from the piping.
  • It has an integral strainer that can be removed, inspected, cleaned and replaced without disconnecting the steam trap from the piping.
  • It can be installed horizontally or vertically.
  • It has a life expectancy of 20++ years.