The ProTech Radiator Trap Insert Kit

Prof Tech KitOur retrofit kits are designed to replace the internals of your existing radiator-type steam traps. The ProTech Radiator Trap Insert Kit boasts the same great benefits as the ProTech Steam Trap Replacement Device including:

  • CANNOT FAIL IN THE OPEN POSITION, thus preventing energy waste and protecting your system
  • Restores condensate back pressure and temperature to design levels
  • Eliminates water hammer
  • Doesn’t back up condensate before discharging, therefore:
    • reducing the formation of carbonic acid and resulting pipe deterioration
    • maximizing heat transfer surface area which increases equipment productivity
  • Automatically vents air and non-condensables

The Proficient Technologies Radiator Trap Insert Kit (cut sheet) cannot fail in the open position because there are no moving parts to wear or fail therefore, unlike thermostatic radiator trap internals, ITS EFFICIENCY DOES NOT DETERIORATE WITH TIME.

Other important features:

  • The nozzle is specifically designed and engineered for the application
  • There is an integral strainer to protect the nozzle from debris
  • The insert kit can be installed without disconnecting the steam trap from the piping
  • The nozzle and strainer can be inspected and cleaned without disconnecting the steam trap from the piping.

RAD Insert Kit 017